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Jinlong Equipment is one of the top manufacturers and customization service providers in glass glazing in China. Our customization sales and concepts place us in the upper reaches of the industry, and with our years of experience, input and massive technological collection, we are a first choice for creating glazing systems for vehicles, ships, buildings and power plants. Here at Jinlong Equipment, we take imagination and turn it into reality, and to do so, we need the following:
A. Your idea about what glazing system you need
B. Performance expectations
C. Certifications to meet
D. Estimated service duration
E. Other special requirements

Customization for CRH 380 High Speed Train
The CRH 380 is a Chinse, electric high speed train currently manufactured by the CRRC Tanghsan Locomotive and Rolling Stock CO., Ltd. The CRH380B is designed to operate at a cruise speed of 350km/h (217 mph) and a maximum speed of 380km/h (236mph) in commercial service. After receiving payment from the CRCC for the windshield and side glass, our R&D team organized a series of meetings to target difference performance levels of the newest model. The following steps were then taken:


During the design process, we had a list of performance requirements and overall appearance requirements, and we were able to tell early on that the success of this project would depend on aerodynamic requirements. In order to achieve those strict requirements, the following key factors had to be taken into consideration:
1. Maximum operation speed
2. Impact resistance
3. Operation temperature
4. Weight
5. Pressure variation
6. Durability
7. Sunlight radiation reduction
8. Heat and sound insulation
9. Aerodynamic performance
10. Anti-spall
11. Ease of escape in case of emergency
12. Framing

Material Selection
After a long design period, a trial manufacturing had to be carried out, and to do so, a new series of raw glass sheets and interlayer films had to be ordered in order to make sure the final products reached designated performance parameters.

Jinlong Equipment has a complete set of cutting edge glass processing equipment, in order to ensure a high quality production capacity. To reach a specific aerodynamic performance, the appearance of the windshield has to be fairly shaped, thus, a series of high tech bending and lamination processes have to be applied to the cut to shape glass.


To maintain the properties and easy to install feature of the glass, the glass needs to be attached to a special frame designed by our R&D team and customized using our machining center or foundry.

We place a high value on customer service and offer prompt, complete services, from pre-sales to after sales services and services for tailor made products at a high quality guarantee.

In accordance with customer requirements, our support team communicates with the customers to understand what they need, answer technical questions and recommend the best products for their needs.

During Sales
After receiving the order, our marketing employees will keep customers abreast of the manufacturing schedule and offer real time information, ensuring an on-time delivery. We carry out strict inspections and monitoring throughout the entire production process, quality control process, packaging and delivery, as well as any other aspect of production.

After Sales
When we receive any complaints about product quality or performance, our professional technicians will give prompt and effective service within 24 hours. If online guidance and instruction does not help, we will send an expert to your location and provide on-site service.

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