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Quality Control, Testing and Standards Compliance

In order to continue providing high quality rail vehicle glass to our customers at competitive prices, we adhere to strict quality control and cost control measures to every aspect of production. We continuously evaluate our products and processes to ensure all manufacturing facilities, production processes and products meet or exceed standards and criteria set by various international authorities in all aspects of the railway industry. This policy of strict quality control measures ensures that all production processes are streamlined and supervised in order to remain on schedule, and in compliance with all industry standards. We adhere to ISO9001 quality management system standards in each process and carefully allocate physical resources and labor to optimize the utilization of our resources. We also use the 6S production management system and not only apply it to the production sector, but all other aspects of our company.

Testing and Lab
Our testing equipment includes a transmittance tester, anti-irradiation tester, optical distortion tester, surface stress tester, Vicker's hardness tester, eddy current meter, anti-pressure tester, thermographic camera, ion tester and more. All tests required by industry standards are regularly conducted within our labs in order to enforce quality and safety control over all products and processes, as well as work with new technologies, materials and techniques. According to customer requirements, we can also send the glass to appointed national or international 3rd parties for inspection.

Product Packaging and Transportation
After the quality control process, the final product will be packed and delivered to the customer's specified site. We will package based on customer requirements, and decrease transportation risks as much as possible. With our location only 300 kilometers away from Tianjin Port, we have an advantageous transportation and delivery network, ensuring all products get to the customer in the shortest lead time possible.

After the product has been delivered and fully examined by the customer, the product should be installed on the vehicle body.

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