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    1. Railway WindshieldThe development of a front windshields for railway vehicles has to take a number of things into consideration in order to guarantee basic requirements for performance and safety, while still maintaining a reasonable cost.
    1. Railway Side-WindowJinlong Equipment's side windows satisfy multiple requirements for impact resistance, age resistance, peripheral protection, low temperature resistance, easy product maintenance (mechanical repair and simple electrical connections).
    1. Railway Glass AccessoriesJinlong Equipment is also the superior provider for quality glass accessories due to its strong capability of producing High-tech glass wares satisfying with harsh requirements during the daily operation of high-speed rolling stock vehicles.
    1. Multi-laminated fire resistant glass consists of two or more sheets of glass with special layers attached in between.
    1. Jinlong Equipment has long been a trusted name for fully customized security and bullet-proof glazed glass in China.
    1. When it comes to photovoltaic power generation, solar panels utilize photovoltaic effects and turn solar energy into electricity.
    1. As a professional manufacturer for fully customized security glazed glass, we can also manufacture marine glass.
    1. Waterborne paint is a more recent development, but accounts for roughly 80% of all paint sold on the residential market today.
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