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The manufacturing of glass products is comprised of a series of strict procedures and the use of advanced machinery.

Cutting is the first manufacturing step. Before being cut by the automatic cutting machine, the glass materials must first be set and aligned.

After cutting, the glass undergoes an edge grinding process. In glass manufacturing, grinders are frequently used for edge polishing and making special shapes.

The autoclave, a horizontal, high pressure chamber, produces laminated glass from glass plates or arc glasses and PVB (plastic polyvinyl butyral) sheets by increasing the temperature and pressure.

For chemical tempering, glass compositions and mechanical strength have been changed using a chemical treatment and reaction. This allows for a high mechanical strength and thermal stability.

Different from chemical tempering, thermal tempering raises the temperature to an optimal temperature, then rapidly child. The glass surface will quickly shrink, producing a compressive stress. However, the middle layer cools slower, thus creating tensile stress. The two cooling speeds and stress levels is what gives glass its high strength. Traditionally, the higher the temperature change, the higher the glass strength. Cooling mediums include gas, liquid, particles and other methods.

The laminating process involves two or more pieces of glass, with an organic polymer film insert ed between the glass pieces. After high temperature pre-pressing (or vacuuming), high temperature processes and high pressure processes, the laminated glass will turn into a compound glass. The most commonly used films include PVB, SGP, EVA and PU.

Insulated glazing, also known as double glazing, is done on double or triple glass window panes, and separate them using a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce the heat transfer across that part of the building envelope. According to special requirements, glasses with different properties can be chosen, including float glass, pressed glass, heat absorption glass, tempered glass and more.

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