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News and Developments

From day one
We have continuously evolved and taken pride in our successes, all of which have led to our growth to become the respected glass product supplier we are today.

In 2001
Anping Jinlong Equipment Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Anping Country of the Hebei Province.

In 2003
We set up our subsidiary company, Huntai Painting Company. In October of the same year, we became a business partner to the Ministry of Railway, and offered several painting projects. We also passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification.

On August 21st, 2006
Experts from the Transport Bureau ran tests on our newly developed waterborne primers, and subsequently gave us permission to begin mass production.

In 2007
We began production of K2 and K6 wedges and wearing plates for #45 steel pillars.

In 2008
Jinlong Equipment was CRCC certified by the Ministry of Railways.

In January of 2009
We began manufacturing automatic brake components. The same year, we also developed waterborne paint.

In November of 2009
We developed cotter pins for use in product vans.

In January of 2011
Jinlong Equipment began manufacturing ball valves and dust collectors.

In March of 2011
Our business expanded into the railway industry, and began offering pins used for braking systems.

In August of 2011
We worked together with the China Glass Research Institute and invested in production lines for railway glasses and CSP solar energy glass. It was at this time that we began to heavily involve ourselves in railway windshields, railway side windows and other glass products for rail lines.

In late 2011
Jinlong Equipment successfully designed and produced windshields and side windows for the high speed CRH380 train.

In December of 2012
Dust collectors, wearing plates, braking systems, inclined wedges and valves produced by Jinlong Equipment earned CRCC certification. We also developed waterborne paintings for high speed railways.

In March of 2015
Jinlong Equipment earned certification to IRIS (International Railway Industry Standards) standards, and gained ISO 3834 part 2, EN15085 and IRIS certifications.

In February of 2016
We passed DIN6701 certifications.

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