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When it comes to glass manufacturing, customers need to know they are not only getting solid and safe glass, but also that they are getting glass manufactured to strict quality standards, as glass from Anping Jinlong Equipment Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. is. Established in 2001, we are a well-known manufacturer of various glass products, including railway glass, multi laminated fire resistant glass, bullet proof glass, CSP solar energy glass, and marine glass. In a factory spanning 66,000 square meters, we are able to produce our high quality glass products, which have earned us the recognition and trust of the Ministry of Railway, leading to them being one of our most prominent long term clients. With the use of first class manufacturing machinery, we are able to produce more than 100 sets of glass to meet customer needs.

Our staff consists of 300 employees, including 45 engineers and designers, 30 management workers, 35 technicians and 20 quality inspectors.

In 2011, we established an R&D team dedicated to the manufacturing of railway windshields and side window glass that was designed to be installed on high speed railways, and meet a number of international safety standards.

The multi-laminated fire resistant glass clearly transmits light, and is fireproof, soundproof and impact resistant. It is widely used in fireproof systems in buildings, hallways, passageways and other areas with a high degree of safety requirements.

The bullet resistant glass is highly durable, making it resistant to strong impacts due to explosions or bullets, ensuring the user's security.

Integrating techniques of conventional turbo generators and up-to-date solar energy collection methods, the concentrated solar power solar energy glass significantly decreases the cost of solar energy generation.

Jinlong Equipment's waterborne paints are environmentally friendly, and have been recognized by the China Railway Test and Certification center. Paint types include epoxy primer and polyurethane paints, among others.

Further demonstrating our quality, it has been our goal from day one to design, manufacture, market and support our glass products with the quality and reliability our customers rely on. Feel free to pay us a visit today, and let us help you with all of your safety glass needs.

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