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Waterborne Paint

Water Based Paint / Economically Friendly Paint / Acrylic Emulsion Paint

Waterborne paint is a more recent development, but accounts for roughly 80% of all paint sold on the residential market today. In comparison to solvent based paints, water based paints contain a dramatically lower VOC (volatile organic compound) content, thus decreasing the VOC emissions and user exposure to hazardous air pollutants. This has led to waterborne paints becoming more popular in the industry, and have been evaluated as excellent alternatives to solvent based paints.

Here at Jinlong Equipment, we aim to change the world by providing both excellent quality and environmentally friendly waterborne paint materials. Water based paint is widely used in railways, ship building, pipe construction, metallurgy, electricity and textile industries. Our waterborne paints feature a number of advantages, including a high temperature resistance, excellent flexibility, high hardness rate, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, UV radiation resistance, and a long service life.

1. Zero / Low VOC Coat
While solvent based paints are still legal to use in most parts of the world, water based paints are becoming increasingly popular to the absence of benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, TDI and heavy metals. This paint is also non-toxic and non-flammable, making it harmless to humans and nature.

2. Easy application & quick cure
Water based paints are easy to prepare on site, which results in no waste. The paint can be diluted with water to a needed concentration, and is easy to apply, requiring very little manpower, decreases the amount of labor needed and increases the working efficiency.

3. Extreme Safety
These water based paints contain no benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, TDI or heavy metals, thus eliminating the risk of explosion or combustion during transportation and application.

4 Low Cost
Waterborne paint is slightly higher priced than oil based paint. However, the final cost is nearly the same as the application of water based paint requires no additional diluents. Compared to alkyd paints, waterborne paints feature a better weather resistance and 2-3 times more durability, which extends the service life and lowers maintenance costs.

5. Abundance of Colors & High Glossiness
Jinlong Equipment is capble of providing paints in a broad colour gamut & with a relative high glossiness compared to other similar product on market.

6. A Variety of Products & Easy Storage
Jin long's Waterborne Paint Product includes:
waterborne topcoat and primer
waterborne primers
waterborne topcoat
waterborne pre-coat primer
waterborne damping paints
waterborne epoxy anti-corrosion primers
waterborne polyurethane topcoat

Shipbuilding, containers, offshore platforms, docks, petrochemical plants, pipelines, storage tanks, metallurgy, electricity, food, textile, construction, railway, automotive, subways

1. Environmentally-friendly, Zero/Low-VOC waterborne epoxy resin to deliver both excellent coalescence and fast-dry properties.
2. An advantage to waterborne paint is it delivers better coverage in fewer coats. Where it would take three to four coats to cover a panel with solvent-based paint, it will only take one to two coats with waterborne, using less material overall.
3. Fast dry performance improves sandibility and stackability.
4. Excellent stability ensures a longer shelf life.