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Marine Glass

Boat Window Glass / Marine Transportation Glass / Security Glazed Marine Glass

As a professional manufacturer for fully customized security glazed glass, we can also manufacture marine glass. We provide a wide array of services, including glaze production, glazing design, frame design and frame manufacturing. Jinlong Equipment's marine glass is suitable for harsh environments, tropical environments, northern and extremely cold environments. With our years of experience, expert knowledge and technical know-how, we are a first choice for creating transparent safety zones on boats, yachts, passenger liners, oil tankers and other marine transportation methods.

By combining our glazing processing capability with traditional casting industries, we have become a one-stop glazing provider in the ship building industry.

We ensure our customers receive sound, clear and fire resistant glass all while still maintaining a relative thinner product thickness.

1. Marine Windshield
All laminated glass manufactured by us is done so by bonding two or more layers of high quality automotive class glass under heat and pressure, using several inner layers that combine PVB, heating wires and other functional films This glass features a superior performance, including impact resistance, corrosion resistance, heating and outstanding clearance, and more.

2. Marine Pothole
Our marine portholes are made of a special, seawater resistant aluminum profile, which is polished by hand during the production process in order to eliminate surface pores. The hinges and clamps are made of synthetic and other non-corrosive materials. Jinlong Equipment's marine glass not only features a long service life, but a TOP grade flame resistant performance.

3. Optimal Glazing Design and Structure
Based on our experience in the glass processing industry, our outstanding customization abilities, leading processing methods, and craftsmanship, we incorporate our extensive knowledge into the design stage of any marine application. We provide a complete glazing structure that takes optical performance, mechanical performance and environmental performance into consideration.

4. Extraordinary Bending Effect
Depending on the shape and specific mechanical requirements for the ship, we offer a complete set of bending tools, methods, and processes that offer ideas to the ship designer to meet their needs.

5. Framing solution
Thanks to our frame processing center and casting factory, we can offer a variety of framing solutions to our glass products in order to increase the strength and accessibility of the final product. We can provide customers with a full window set with metal framing made of aluminum, cast steel, ductile iron or other materials.

6. Outstanding Transmittance
With an ideal lamination design, elaborate material selection and state of the art glass heating technology, our marine windshields and portholes remain transparent and clear, even under harsh environmental impacts.

7. Extreme Protection
Using cutting edge glass processing capability, our marine glazing can withstand extreme temperatures, and is great for heat conservation and insulation. Not only that, but the 30 to 120 minutes of fire protection protects people during critical moments.

1. Glazing system for yachts and passenger liners requiring high grade safety window and door solutions
2. Oil tankers, life boats and other applications with strict fire protection requirements
3. Glazing system for navigation bridges and captain's cabin

1. Excellent integrity and heat insulation during fire hazards
2. Outstanding clarity and a strong mechanical strength
3. This product meets all European safety standards
4. Excellent properties for noise reduction, chemical and physical stability
5. Cutting edge and customized framing solutions with several metallic options