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Security and Bullet-Proof Glass

Security Glass / Bulletproof Glass / Safety Glass

Jinlong Equipment has long been a trusted name for fully customized security and bullet-proof glazed glass in China. As an optimum bullet-proof glazing provider with experience in multiple applications fields, our glass products are widely used in security buildings as well as vehicles and shipping methods that require a high degree of security. With our experience, input and technical collections, we are a first choice in safety glass for embassies, residential properties, commercial buildings and retail outlets.

We have developed a comprehensive range of glass based on our technical expertise, and our bullet resistant glass features an outstanding ballistics effect while still maintaining is thin thickness.

Each project involving safety glass poses additional requirements beyond just fire protection. This is where insulating glass construction offers more possibilities in areas beyond design. The spectrum of products ranges from an improved energy efficiency and thermal insulation to protection from noise, sunlight, and even x-ray radiation. Precision tailored and specialized construction allows for bullet proof performances, including a thicker glass sheet that is difficult to break, as well as setting off alarms upon impact, thus making it ideal for banks, jewelry stores, prisons, embassies and other high profile buildings.

1. Top level Material
At Jinlong Equipment, all of our laminated glass is manufactured by bonding together 2 or more layers of high quality, automotive class glass under intense heat and pressure, using several inner layers such as polyvinyl butyl (PVB).

2. Optimal Glazing Design & Structure
Based on our experience in the glass processing industry, our outstanding customization capability and leading processing methods and craftsmanship, we have incorporated extensive technical knowledge and glazing solutions into the overall design at the earliest stages of vehicle development. With the right structure, our glass can withstand harsh tests while maintaining its light weight.

3. Extraordinary Bending Effect
Depending on the shape and specific mechanical equipment, Jinlong Equipment offers a complete set of bending tools, methodologies and processes.

4. Framing solution
Thanks to our frame processing center, we offer a variety of solutions for framing glass products in order to increase the strength and accessibility of the final product. An easy and fast assembly, disassembly, and replacement increases the installation efficiency, making it ideal for maintenance panels.

5. Excellent Transmittance
With an ideal lamination design and elaborate material selection, Jinlong Equipment's bullet proof glass remains transparent, even when made to the highest security grade possible.

6. Multiple Protection
Using Pyranova technology, it isn't just the glass itself that offers protection from fire or impact, but rather the spaces in between. This compact laminated glass is made of multiple panes that contains a hidden composition that unfolds layer by layer in the event of a fire, offering protection against fire and smoke, and keeping the heat radiation contained.

1. Glazing system for hotels, luxury residences, and entertainment venues
2. High end office space that requires strict fire protection performances
3. Glazing for public venues such as airports, train stations, and shopping malls
4. Vessels, ships, boats that require a large degree of glazing, and security/bulletproof glass
5. Operation sites with a potential fire hazard
6. Special solutions based on customer requirements

1. Excellent integrity and heat insulation during a fire
2. Clear transparence and a strong mechanical strength
3. Excellent properties: noise reduction, chemical and physical durability
4. Cutting edge and customized framing solutions