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Multi-Laminated Fire Resistant Glass

Fireproof Glass / Multiple Laminated Fireproof Glass / Heat Resistant Glass

Multi-laminated fire resistant glass consists of two or more sheets of glass with special layers attached in between. These layers absorb heat and gradually swell into opaque barriers that keep flames and heat in during the first critical minutes for passengers getting to safety.

With more than 15 years of experience in the fire rated glass industry, as well as input and support from research institutions, we are able to provide glass at high quality and high effective levels. By relying on a comprehensive frame processing, we are able to keep up with current market trends and develop new high tech products that cater to the ever increasing standards for quality and safety.

1. Top Level Material
Jinlong Equipment's multi-laminated fire resistant glass consists of two or more sheets of glass with special layers in between. All laminated glass manufactured by Jinlong Equipment is done so by bonding two or more layers of high quality automotive glass, as well as specialty glass. The resulting glass product is perfectly suitable for producing fire rated gazing with an extensive fire resistant performance while still maintaining its clarity.

2. Optimal Glazing Design and Structure
Based on our experience in the glass processing industry, our customization experience, leading processing methods, and craftsmanship, we are able to incorporate our knowledge into a glazing solution's overall design, and apply that design to a railway vehicle's earliest design stages.

3. Superior Transmittance
With an ideal lamination design and elaborate material selection, Jinlong Equipment's final product of a high performance, fire resistant glass provides the highest light transmission with the lowest solar factor, even when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. In the event of a fire, this also ensures a heat resistance to keep the glass from shattering, giving people much needed time to get to safety.

4. Framing Solution
Thank to our frame processing center and foundry work, Jinlong Equipment offers a variety of framing solutions for our glass products to increase the durability and accessibility of the final product. We will help our customers achieve the right glazing product to meet their needs, starting from an original concept idea, through to the final product.

5. Multiple Protection
Jinlong Equipment's fire rated glass is a compact laminated glass made of multiple panes that contain a hidden composition. This composition reveals itself layer by layer when a fire breaks out, preventing flames, heat and smoke from escaping in order to give added time for people to make their way to safety.

1. Glazing system for hotels, luxury residences and entertainment venues
2. High end office space that requires a strict fire protection performance
3. Glazing for public spaces such as airports, train stations, and shopping malls
4. Ships, boats
5. Operation sites with potential fire hazards
6. Special solutions based on customer requirements

1. Excellent integrity and heat insulation during a fire
2. Superior clarity and strong mechanical strength
3. This product meets all European standards
4. Outstanding properties of noise reduction, chemical and physical durability
5. Cutting edge and customized framing functions