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Raiway Glass Accessaies

Jinlong Equipment is also the superior provider for quality glass accessories due to its strong capability of producing High-tech glass wares satisfying with hursh requirements during the daily operation of high-speed rolling stock vehicles. With more than two decades of experience, we are keeping on relasing barnd new glass ware products to adapt to the challenging and changing requiremens along with the newly designed railway vehicles. This includes: vehicle lampshade, destination display window, information display window, luggage rack, interior glass partition and interior steps, handrail, etc.,

1. Optimal Glass Structure
The Jinlong Equipment Glass Accessories is constructed using multiple layers and interlayers glasses of varing thickness. With our extensive knowledge, we are able to define the best structure for reaching a given impact, transmittance as well as other relevant performance regulations.

2. Tempered Glass
We are able to offer state of the art tempered glass that could largely increase the impact and pressure resistance attributes fol glass.

3. Extraordinary bending effect
Depending on the specific mechanical requirements, Jinlong Equipment could offer a complete set of bending tools, methodologies and process.

1. Glass ware complies with specific requirements rised by the clients.
2. Glass ware is done to meet the condition of high speed operation.
3. Glass ware could be applied within a temperature range from -40 to 40℃。
4. Glass ware requires pleasing to the eye.

1. Light in weight and strong in strength.
2. Ornament with aesthetic perception
3. Reliable framing solution
4. Customizable