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Railway Side Window

Train Side Window / Side Window Glass / Railway Side Window Glass

Jinlong Equipment's side windows satisfy multiple requirements for impact resistance, age resistance, peripheral protection, low temperature resistance, easy product maintenance (mechanical repair and simple electrical connections), as well as resistance to thermal shock and pressure waves. As everyday life gets busier and busier, fast, comfortable transportation is a must, and high speed trains, intercity trains, light rails and urban express trains are becoming increasingly popular for that very reason.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have released brand new stock rolling types to adapt to challenging and changing environments that require existing glazing systems to work with newly designed railway systems. To meet these needs, the glazing system has to be able to adapt to different lamination attributes, including a light transmittance, thermal performance, noise reduction and no optical deformations.

1. Top level Material
Here at Jinlong Equipment, all of our laminated glass is manufactured by bonding together 2 or more layers of high quality automotive glass under heat and pressure, using an interlayer of polyvinyl butyl (PVB). The resulting glass product is best suited for transportation applications where the use of monolithic glass offers a greater prevention of glass shattering in the event of a crash.

2. Optimal Glazing Design & Structure
Based on our experience in the glass extensive processing industry, superior customization capabilities, leading processing methodology and craftsmanship, Jinlong Equipment is able to incorporate extensive technical knowledge and glazing solutions into the overall design in the earliest stages of vehicle development. With the right structure, our glass easily withstands harsh tests while still weighing very little.

3. Extraordinary Bending Effect
Depending on the shape and specific mechanical requirements, Jinlong Equipment offers a complete set of bending tools, methodologies and processes.

4. Chemical Tempering
In addition to thermal tempered glass, we are able to offer state of the art chemical tempering treatments, which largely increases the impact and pressure resistance attributes for glass. Combined with a unique glass structure, the chemically tempered glass is an ideal solution for long term applications.

5. Framing solution
Thanks to Jinlong Equipment's frame processing center, we offer a variety of framing solutions for glass products by increasing the strength and accessibility of the final product. A quick assembly, disassembly, and replacement significantly increases the installation efficiency and makes maintenance easy.

6. Superior transmittance
With an ideal lamination design and elaborate material selection, Jinlong Equipment's final product of a high performance insulated glass provides a high light transmission with the lowest solar factor, which improves the interior environment and a passenger's riding experience.

1. Side window glazing for all rolling stock applications, including high speed trains, intercity express trains, subway trains and more.
2. Compliant with BS EN 15152, DIN 5510-2-2009, EN 573-3, EN 755-2, EN 10002-1, ISO 9227, and BS 6853 standards.
3. Glazing treatments adapt to both extremely cold and extremely hot weather.
4. Glazing can also be carried out to bring optical performances based on customer requirements.
5. Glazing offers a long service life, requiring a strong reliability.

1. The glass structure is fully customizable.
2. Quick installation, disassembly, replacement, interchangeability
3. Chemical resistant, easy to clean
4. A strong R&D team and support from China National Glazing Research Institute
5. Excellent after-sales services, spare parts are available for the full range of operations
6. Graffiti resistance is an optional function based on customer requirements.